Archived Shows
Episode 57

NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon - 057

Tonight’s NYCCR begins by meeting the panel, they discuss a rebellious building climber, legal counsel Talia Reese chimes in as does Fidel Castro on seizing federal businesses, Reggie Watts offers some musical jargon, and we look into ISIS Magazine. The crew discusses parade massacres, Bill de Blasio and Anthony Weiner,... More

Episode 471

TACS 471

Vacation is over and Anthony is back talking about spending his Thanksgiving with family, making people (one person) cry with words, The Walking Dead, Westworld, the movie War Dogs, and excessively playing video games. He expresses his hate for morbid commercials as well as whisper singing ones, we watch some... More

Episode 112

The Best of The Anthony Cumia Show 112

Anthony, Kevin Brennan, and Jimmy Martinez check out a plus-size model fashion show. Gavin Mcinnes and Luis J. Gomez talk to Robert Spencer about suicide bombers. NYC Crime Report - Mike Bocchetti gets robbed. Safe Space - Hillary and Robert Byrd. In Hot Water - DeAndre Harambe Jenkins talks about... More

Episode 251

The Gavin McInnes Show 251

Today on TGMS, Gavin gives us tips to survive Thanksgiving. John Thaddeus White shares his experience as a black Trump supporter. Scott Adams Skypes in to praise Trump's social engineering skills. Yaron Brook was on his way to winning an argument with Gavin over immigration before his connection mysteriously dropped.... More