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Episode 466

TACS 466 with Jared Freid

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Episode 465

TACS 465 with Brian McDaniel

Anthony begins the day talking about what he saw on In Hot Water earlier, blocking people for spoiling TV (and then proceeds to semi-spoil Westworld), John Oliver the Trump basher, Ted Cruz, and Ant’s his maids and their votes. He goes on to talk about “sanctuary city,” the callers chime... More

Episode 55

NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon - 055

We begin tonight’s NYCCR with a big congrats to Trump, Irene Bremis, Mike Bocchetti, and Talia Reese sit panel with Pat to discuss the election, grabbing pussy, protesters, Lori Palminteri and Alexis Daloni weigh in, and president-elect Donald Trump stops by talk about Hillary, the protesters, and his least attractive... More

Episode 245

The Gavin McInnes Show 245

Today on TGMS, Gavin is live from the Oval Office. James Kavanagh stops by to discuss UFC 205 and Conor McGregor. They take a call about fake hate crimes, watch a protester get hit by a car, and Gavin pees the bed.