Archived Shows
Episode 452

TACS 452 with Mike Brown, and Brandon Collins

Today Anthony is joined by Brandon Collins yapping about gaming and blacks in war movies, Mike Brown arrives and the gang goes on to talk more about gaming, virtual reality porn, and smell-o-vision. They chat about old timey gaming, The Walking Dead, celebrity interviews, black Jeopardy on SNL, the craziness... More

Episode 52

NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon - 052

We begin tonight’s NYCCR seeing a cashier beat down, Mandy Stadtmiller, Jackie Martling, and Clark Pena join Pat on panel to talk about an attempted rape, a cat-astrophe, Anthony Weiner, and Donald Trump pops by to talk about pussy grabbing, the upcoming election, and China. Big A calls in to... More

Episode 450

TACS 450 with Mike Vecchione

Anthony ends TACS week alongside Mike Veccihone talking about Mike’s overseas gigs, a Journey tribute band, parents divorcing, being masculine and emotional, Anthony’s dad, and how people greet their friends. We get an update on “the hottest math teacher ever,” read about a sexual choir teacher, they chat about urban... More

Episode 448

TACS 448 with Jim Norton, Sam Roberts, and Travis Tefft

On today’s TACS, Anthony is joined by Jim Norton, Sam Roberts, and the great Travis Tefft yapping about Sam’s wallet, their show Jim Norton & Sam Roberts, the latest with Amy Schumer, being backstage at Amy’s show last night, and the “controversy” surrounding Nancy Grace. They go on to talk... More