Archived Shows
Episode 154

The Best of The Anthony Cumia Show 154

Artie, Anthony, Owen Benjamin, and Rory Albanese have a gun debate. Mornin' talks about the dead Russian spy and the new leader of the CIA. Crime Report covers the history of lynchings. In Hot Water looks into Richard Simmons not being a tranny. Michael Malice talks about the downside of... More

Episode 63

Safe Space 063

Our maestro Taleeb is in the Safe Space rapping to us about “making beauty,” March being “stop blaming white people month,” confusing white people, “National School Walkout,” and Louis Farrakhan. He also discusses and article about trying socialism, US brands that are now owned by other countries, and goes through... More

Episode 89

Mornin'!!! 089

Bill and JoNo end the week chatting about random links being sent to them, toad hats, the new Joker, and Buck Sexton, Mike Hammer, and Natasha Dalanah take a seat to talk about St. Patrick’s Day, and Irish cultural appropriation. They discuss a dead spy linked to Russia, dangerous destinations,... More