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The Anthony Cumia Show goes live August 4th. Subscribe now! Now were talking, uncensored

The Anthony Cumia Show goes live! Subscribe now for the August 4th premiere of The Anthony Cumia Show. Live, uncensored, HD video podcast. Now we are talking, UNCENSORED.


Ant discusses the misconceptions surrounding the grand jury decision of Officer Wilson, Wilson’s testimony, what was proven in Michael Brown’s death, and people’s blind support of the case. Ant also talks about the “protests” and looting that the idiots in Ferguson are doing, the media’s part in all of this,... More


Anthony bitches about “Facebook memories,” we see a few “TBT” pics of his family and hear a few “TB” stories, learn about a chopstick stabbing and chopstick regulation, and Brian Redban and Ari Shaffir join the show to further discuss wacky ass shit in Japan. Brian tells us about spending... More


TACS ends the week with some science chat. Neil deGrasse Tyson joins the show. Neil talks with Ant about the mission to Pluto, Mars, space technology, Martian soil, space exploration, senior citizen Superman, Einstein’s gravitational waves theory, the American space program, a meteorite (not) killing a man, space vehicles, and... More