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Episode 85

In Hot Water 085


Geno begins today’s IHW ranting on all things Aziz Ansari, and a Hawaii native stops by to talk about sending out the “emergency alert” regarding a ballistic missile, the blicks, and what’s next for him. Geno shits on the cover of The New Yorker, a guest from the Aziz Ansari “scandal” comes by to talk about “Grace” ditching him for Aziz, “Grace” also pops in to talk about her victimization and her night with Aziz, and Aziz comes by to explain himself. Bill Schulz joins the show to talk about boozing, Aaron finally comes in and the guys yap about Seal being investigated for “assault,” snow days, and going to cool ass parties, and Ben Rosenfeld takes a seat to talk about his comedy specials, sports, Bobby Haha, and marriage.

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Bill Schulz

Host of Mornin'!!! w/ Bill Schulz and Joanne Nosuchinsky
M-Th 10:30a - 11:30a ET

  • 00:00:00 START
  • 00:01:00 Geno Rant - #YouToo
  • 00:08:00 GUEST - Ballistic Missile Alert Guy
  • 00:12:00 Apology
  • 00:23:00 The New Yorker MLK cover
  • 00:24:00 Standards and Practises
  • 00:25:00 GUEST - Aziz's Accuser's Boyfriend
  • 00:31:00 GUEST - Aziz's Accuser Grace
  • 00:42:00 GUEST - Aziz Ansari
  • 00:48:00 GUEST - Bill Schulz
  • 00:49:00 Mornin'
  • 00:53:00 Aaron Berg arrives
  • 00:54:00 Seal accused
  • 01:03:00 LIVE READ - Quicken
  • 01:05:00 Red Eye snow days
  • 01:10:00 GUEST - Ben Rosenfeld
  • 01:11:00 New album