Archived Shows
Episode 102

Mornin'!!! 102

Mornin’ is back with Joanne and Bill discussing bridal showers, baby elephants, Zero Dark Thirty, and Robert O’Neill takes a seat to talk about Montana, his travel schedule, wedding, getting along overseas, interrogation tactics, religion around the world, and dining at the White House.

Episode 176

TACS 176 with Nick DiPaolo

TACS kicks off with Ant briefly talking about the bomb scare at the White House and how the media handled it, his Twitter debate surrounding the “police vs. teenagers” video from McKinney, the public misinterpreting news stories, media coverage on public protests, and thoroughly explains the need for compliance. He... More

Episode 151

TACS 151 with Nick DiPaolo and Mia Isabella

Anthony “Betty Boop” Cumia shows us the early birthday gift Brother Joe gave him, a throwback Thursday picture, engages in hair plug chat, and goes through the guests that will be on today’s TACS. Ant then gets into the latest Hillary Clinton dirt, vows to stop questioning why there are... More

Episode 91

TACS 091

Monday’s show starts with a rundown of Anthony’s trip to Cali to do Jay Mohr’s podcast, Kevin Pollak’s podcast, and Adam Corolla’s podcast as well as a few awkward moments that occurred while there. Ant then talks about his towel usage in hotels, a possible jizz pizza, the wonderment of... More