Archived Shows
Episode 132

Mornin'!!! 132

Today Bill and Jo talk about an event they went to last night, breastfeeding, a rebel cat, spray tanning, Wawa, and Justin Smith, Chris Rovzar, and Daniel Johnson Kim sit panel to yap about Justin’s trip to Boston. They also talk about Roseanne being cancelled, city peeps not being as... More

Episode 53

The AA Show 053

A solo Anthony is joined by Will Noonan today talking about a Twitter fight regarding a bakery (not even kidding), the fire burning Southern Cali down, white knights on Twitter, limiting word usage, and the profiling of white men these days. We see some fake sign language, watch a creep... More

Episode 500

TACS 500 with Mike Baker, and Joe Walsh

On today’s 500th episode of TACS, Anthony talks about a party at Governor's Comedy last night, Uber trips and rules, he explains the business side of Compound Media, addresses thin skinned comics, and KtC comes in to discuss Mike from Red Bar coming on the network and leaving the network.... More

Episode 392

TACS 392 with Bill Schulz

We wrap up TACS week with Anthony chatting it up about his newest batterers intervention meeting, the latest douchebaggery with Pokémon GO, and Bill Schulz joins the show to talk about childhood memories, old creepy TV, child stars, and Corey Feldman’s molestation. Ant and Bill also talk about museums, we... More

Episode 376

TACS 376 with Jim Florentine, Don Jamieson, and Jim Norton

Rounding out TACS week, Ant is joined by Don Jamieson, Jim Florentine, and Jim Norton recapping Anthony’s rehab experience, they chat about Uber and UberChopper, the high school bathroom gang bang chick, teachers that fuck their students, Brock Tuner the dumpster rapist, and double standards with drunken consequences. The guys... More

Episode 354

TACS 354 with Mike Brown and Brandon Collins

Mike Brown and Brandon Collins kick off the new TACS week talking about feedback on Reddit, Judge Judy, licking hot chick’s asses, Larry Wilmore dropping (N) bombs on Obama, and Hillary Clinton’s entitlement. After the callers offer up some new hot tail, they discuss Bernie Sanders being ready for war,... More