Archived Shows
Episode 555

TACS 555 with Mike Cernovich

Anthony is “live” talking about his amazing head of hair, he gives a bit of a backstory on Mike Cernovich, and Mike joins Anthony via Skype to discuss what Sean Spicer really meant regarding the holocaust, being hated, Bill O’Reilly, double standards from the left, and the freedom of being... More

Episode 512

TACS 512

Today Anthony updates us on his tooth, talks about a democratic pedo ring, the newest with “cash me outside” girl, Betsy DeVos being confirmed as education secretary, we watch a MSNBC clip planting seeds about Donald Trump, and Ant expresses his embarrassment about the media. He goes on to talk... More

Episode 28

East Side Dave Show 028

Tonight Dave’s monologue includes news on A-Rod, the Olympics, Amy Schumer, Tim Tebow, Donald Trump, and R. Kelly. Roy and Dave sing a crazy fast awesome song and they go on to talk about Dave’s texts with Flutesy, we get to know the audience, Dave explains chocolate milk, bitches about... More

Episode 371

TACS 371 with Jackie Martling

Coalminer Ant begins the show with breaking news at UCLA, he talks about “Twitter experts,” animals turning on humans, the media perpetuating stories, Glenn Beck’s suspension, and companies jumping the gun on firings. After we hear from a few callers, Jackie Martling takes a seat to talk about Garrett’s “male... More

Episode 355

TACS 355 with Sherrod Small and Kurt Metzger

While waiting for Kurt Metzger, Sherrod Small starts off the show being blacker than black talking with Jon Fatigate about being a non-Jew, the presidential candidates, choking yourself while choking, masturbating on coke, the candidates being good for comics, Jew percentages, and bagging bitches of different races. Kurt makes his... More