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Episode 100

In Hot Water 100

The boys of IHW are back for their 100th episode with a clip of Rosanne on Fallon, Geno rants on school shootings and rally’s, we learn about some pop star named Halsey bitching about shampoo, and the shampoo itself stops by to drop an explanation. An Asian restaurant owner come... More

Episode 1

In Hot Water 001

In the premiere episode of “In Hot Water,” Geno and Aaron discuss Jeffery Gurian, this weekend’s Mets game, Chase Utley and his sliding habits, Memorial Day weekend, and Aaron’s Nina Hartley bachelor party dream. They discuss the Roots remake, Viagra and Cialis buying, fucking out of your race, game 7... More

Episode 172

TACS 172 - Call Me Cumia

Today’s episode starts with Caitlyn chat, Ant discusses tolerance, acceptance, the media’s constant game of spinning news, he reads an article regarding Joe DeRosa’s lack of support and gives his take on the situation, and reminds everyone that Legion of Skanks will be live at 10pm tonight. Anthony accepts an... More