Archived Shows
Episode 50

The AA Show 050

Wrapping up the week, Anthony and Artie talk about meth users and using, big asses, butt dialing, and big bellies, the Puerto Rican day parade, Eddie Murphy being gay af, IRS issues, cheesy newspaper headlines, and the old days of newspaper reading. They discuss people’s attitudes changing for “certain” reasons,... More

Episode 523

TACS 523 with Tim Butterly, Tommy Pope, and Shane Gillis

TACS is back with Tommy Pope, Tim Butterly, and Shane Gillis talking about last night’s Oscars snafus and Bill Paxton’s death, we check out a few Paxton clips, they inspect Ryan Gosling’s sister’s tits, and breakdown Jimmy Kimmel’s bits at the Oscars. We read some feedback from the movie Moonlight,... More

Episode 477

TACS 477 with Tommy Pope, and Tim Butterly

A red eyed Anthony admits he plays way too many video games, Opie (along with Erock and Vic Henley) call in to chat it up about burning and mending fences, the latest at SiriusXM, Opie’s cryptic video, “Faction Radio,” Opie’s office, the workplace, nation, and women’s bathroom after the election,... More

Episode 348

TACS 348 with Delco Proper

John McKeever, Tim Butterly, and Tommy Pope from Delco Proper are in today hosting TACS with guests Dan Kalwhite and Mike Finoia chatting about not cool/cool people, stripper home visits, ping pong pussy popping, naughty sports fans, St. Patrick’s Day whores, and public fucking. Mike brings up the Denver airport,... More

Episode 330

TACS 330 with Tommy J. Pope and Tim Butterly

TACS begins the day with breaking news on Todd Palin, Anthony talks about his weekend which included watching a Watergate doc, the NYC Crime Report Awards, day light savings time cock blocking fun, predicting the last remaining candidates, and Larry David on SNL. He then gets into Trump versus Hillary,... More