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Episode 36

Mornin'!!! w/ Bill Schulz 036

Bill begins this Mornin’ talking about last night’s 60 Minutes, Theo Caviness Skype’s in to talk about seasonal depression, the failed implosion of the Detroit Silverdome stadium, and the ever important 33rd anniversary of The Karate Kid. Josh McCarroll, Samantha Judge Terrio, and Paula Froelich join Bill to discuss Billy... More

Episode 28

Mornin'!!! w/ Bill Schulz 028

Wrapping up the Mornin’ week, we watch a clip from yesterday’s show where Seven Chaperon talks about a certain perv in the industry, and Theo Caviness Skype’s in to talk about Jerry Jones, Roger Goodell, bad plastic surgery, and all white uniforms. Tara Jakeway, Sherrod Small, Noam Dworman, and Paula... More