Archived Shows
Episode 55

The AA Show 055

Anthony is joined by Aaron Berg today addressing Artie’s absence and announcing this week’s co-host, the guys talk about Bitcoin, The Walking Dead, Flora Bama Shore, and random reality shows. We hear about Sopranos actress Ariel Kiley becoming a yoga instructor, the movie The Disaster Artist, pervy ass Mario Batali,... More

Episode 531

TACS 531

Anthony begins the day with a weather report, talks about panhandling assholes on the train, sassy women of color, The Walking Dead and The Bachelor, crazy drone angles on Planet Earth, and the newest “viral video” from BBC. We see a millionaire gang member, watch Snoop Dogg’s new video and... More

Episode 527

Tacs 527

Anthony is back chatting about (and not giving spoilers about) The Walking Dead, documentaries that inspired the movie “Deepwater Horizon,” a caller chimes in about The Walking Dead, and he discusses the latest with Donald Trump on Twitter, Chuck Schumer, and the unaccepting democrats. We revisit “screaming girl,” check out... More

Episode 520

TACS 520

Anthony begins the show today talking about being offended by In Hot Water, Milo Yiannopoulos being the newest victim of “free speech,” the left’s reaction to Milo’s words, having your rights neglected, the lying ass press, and independent cinemas take on the movie “1984.” He goes on to talk about... More

Episode 487

TACS 487 with Mike Brown, and Brandon Collins

Mike Brown and Brandon Collins join Anthony on today’s vacation pre-tape episode to talk about TV spoilers, The Walking Dead, Westworld theories, Netflix by race, filtering Netflix to get laid, and they practically jerk off over Christina Ricci. They go on to talk about good actors making shitty movies, Reddit... More

Episode 479

TACS 479 with Bill Schulz

TACS is back with a dolled-up Anthony yapping about annoying kids, The Walking Dead, rewatching the movie Private Parts, and Bill Schulz takes a seat to talk about Kennedy’s show, Hillary and the Russians, the CIA, and Mike Baker. The guys go on to chat about Putin and Trump, the... More