Archived Shows
Episode 623

TACS 623 with Joe Currie, and Davin Rosenblatt

Segment Times and Links: Anthony begins the day talking about Gavin McInnes leaving the network, his scheduling issues, doing the Chip Chipperson Podacast last night as well as “Street Jokes” at The Stand, his court date this morning, and his newest ticket. He goes on to discuss Robert Lee... More

Episode 250

TACS 250 with Harrison Greenbaum

Today Ant talks about filth and sickness associated with trains, the trailer from Robin Williams’s final movie “Boulevard” and Keanu Reeves new movie “Knock Knock,” he tells us about some recent visits from the ghost of girlfriends past, rants about crazies and not knowing girls, takes a look at “The... More

Episode 226

TACS 226 with Joe List and Aaron Berg

A scratchy voiced Anthony begins today’s TACS talking about the changes in doing a show at his house versus the NY studio, the lame motto of the New York State Department of Corrections, Colbert’s new show, and the creepiness of the movie “The Walk.”Ant then gets into Freddie Gray’s settlement,... More

Episode 149

TACS 149 with Mike Ward

Dicis starts the show from ova here and then ova there and after that, Anthony talks about Dr. Oz being in the news, we see part of a throwback “Monsanto” Disney video, discuss the freakiness of things being “coded,” the irony of an agoraphobic granny falling down a hole, and... More

Episode 112

TACS 112 with guest Tom McCaffrey

Ant jumps right into H1Z1 and how it went down last night for him, the Twitter feedback he got for commenting on Cindy Crawford’s untouched photo, he breaks down TBS digitally “speeding up” Seinfeld reruns, and reads an article about Joe Biden getting creepy once again. Anthony plays part of... More

Episode 107

TACS 107 with Tom Green Interview

We start a new TACS week with a recap of the Grammy’s getting Ant’s thoughts on the show, the artists, Obama’s PSA, and Pharrell’s need to do a “hands up don’t shoot” during his performance. Ant then gets into what an unfunny cuntbag Andy Kindler is, we see Kindler’s awful... More

TACS 068 with Matt Iseman

Sporting a “Wrath of Khan” hairdo, Ant chats about Star Wars as we watch the new trailer, he tells us about his Thanksgiving, and sums up what the “Anthony Cumia compound” really is. He then talks about sexting, tonguing asses, the stupidity of people on the internet, and we hear... More

Episode 18

TACS 018 with Ray Liotta

Anthony starts Wednesday's show by recapping Jim Norton's visit and with Ray Liotta calling in to discuss how he's managed to stay out of tabloids and his new film, "The Identical." He then takes a few listener calls, talks about the difference between men and women when it comes to... More