Archived Shows
Episode 103

The AA Show 103

The boys wrap up the week talking about “International Women’s Day,” My 600-lb Life, Foghorn Leghorn, a prequel to The Sopranos, sports talk, 2006 O.J. Simpson, Robert De Niro, and an ANTI-LGBT politician resigning after getting caught fagging out. Lisa Ann joins the boys to discuss her “Back 4 More”... More

Episode 17

The AA Show 017

The boys begin the day talking about pedal cabs, their dads, Chuck Low’s death, Artie getting inducted into the Friars Club last night, the Soprano’s in Paris, insane people from other countries, Shakespeare in Love (?!?!?!) and Saving Private Ryan. Luis J. Gomez and Yoshi Obayashi take a seat to... More

Episode 486

TACS 486 with Vincent Curatola, and Nick DiPaolo

Segment Times and Links: On the last live episode of 2016, Anthony is joined by Nick DiPaolo and Vincent Curatola discussing Ivanka Trump getting people kicked off a plane, they get all Guinea over meats, talk about TV roles, Twitter Wars, and Alex Jones. They discuss Trump’s campaign, douche... More