Archived Shows
Episode 618

TACS 618 with Chad Zumock

Ant is back talking about stupid discussions on Twitter about Nazi’s and white supremacists, protester rights, “defending Nazi’s,” childlike thought processes, Jen Law’s asking for her fans help, people acting like constitutional law professors, and we see a video from Durham of protesters knocking down a confederate statue. Anthony discusses... More

Episode 465

TACS 465 with Brian McDaniel

Anthony begins the day talking about what he saw on In Hot Water earlier, blocking people for spoiling TV (and then proceeds to semi-spoil Westworld), John Oliver the Trump basher, Ted Cruz, and Ant’s his maids and their votes. He goes on to talk about “sanctuary city,” the callers chime... More

Episode 26

East Side Dave Show 026

We begin the ESDS with a monologue which includes commentary on the DNC, Ariana Grande singing and licking, a Justin Timberlake slapping, MJ and his essay, Dave’s dick mole (?!?!), a Taylor Swift poll, and Bey. After a tune, Dave chats with Geno Bisconte, we get a Stringsy update, Geno... More

Episode 25

East Side Dave Show 025

ESDS is back with a monologue that includes news about Tim Tebow, Kim Kardashian, Dave’s dick hole, Emma Watson, “Black’s Rule,” Taylor Swift Johnny Depp, and Darryl Strawberry. After a song with Roy, the staff gets a harsh warning, we see a video of a fan that got his ESDS... More

Episode 165

TACS 165 with Mike Ward

Tuesday kicks off with sickly Anthony showing us a video of him singing with Band Geek on RiotCast, he tells us about the Mexicans in his yard, craziness when on-line life becomes reality, popularity breeding hate, and Taylor Swift makes a cameo. We take a look at Obama’s new Twitter,... More

Episode 80

TACS 080 with Robert Kelly

Ant starts the show with a little story about his nana, he talks about the latest on the movie “The Interview,” we see the leaked ending of the movie, find out that Ant knows a hell of a lot about Taylor Swift, and we take a look at Britney Spears... More

Episode 59

TACS 059

Today we find out that Ant likes Taylor Swift, watch a “mom parody” of Taylor’s new song “Shake it Off,” Ant then brings up Artie Lange’s appearance on O&J this morning, we hear about Obama’s executive order on illegal immigrants, and see a clip from Nancy Pelosi. Anthony talks about... More