Archived Shows
Episode 332

TACS 332 with Mitch Fatel and Jessica Fatel

TACS starts the day with a recap on “Super Tuesday,” Anthony gives his opinion on the movie “The Hateful Eight,” bitches about his cable provider, explains what a beating Trump will give Hillary, plays a doggone great Trump ad (apologizes on awful the pun), and we hear Hillary’s stance on... More

Episode 204

TACS 204 with Jim Florentine

TACS starts from the poker table where (long haired) Anthony talks with Jim Florentine about being on Louie, getting submitted for an Emmy, “upper deckers,” being cool back in the day, music now and then, things they’ve done for gals, the early days of MTV, and Jim tells us about... More

Episode 111

TACS 111 - SNL 40

Ant begins Monday by admitting he may have sent some drunken tweets over the weekend, chats about the SNL 40th anniversary show and goes through a few clips from it, reads a list of people that Chevy Chase has pissed off, and a pussy caller asks Ant to click on... More