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Episode 127

The AA Show 127

Ending #TheAAShow week, the guys talk about gender reveal parties, shitty ass social media, The Godfather, and Kris Fried joins the guys to yap about drinking and drugging, meddling folks on-line, and overusing social media. We hear about the world’s worst cop, get the latest with Starbucks, they chat about... More

Episode 67

Safe Space 067

The lifeguard Taleeb Starkes has five on it in the Safe Space today talking about cereal buying, eating, and tracking, the “51st amendment,” a “racist” pool party, “racism” at Starbucks, Anthony Monogeluzo Skypes in to talk about app tracking, and Pat Dixon stops by to go over the N.N.F.L. for... More

Episode 194

TACS 194 - Back from Hawaii

TACS is FINALLY back and Anthony kicks off Monday telling us about the flight he took to Hawaii, his Maui vacation, and the island people. We then get into the drought in California and Tom Selleck’s involvement, the show Ben did over the break, we learn about a few new... More