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Episode 132

NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon - 132

On tonight's Crime Report Pat is joined by Alli Breen, Shane Morrison and the Laughing Geisha Helaine Witt, while Bobo is in Florida reporting from Spring Training. Alexis Daloni gives the weather, Alex Jones calls in from an undisclosed location, Ray Schneiders questions Joe Lozito about his subway attack, Ben... More

Episode 55

NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon - 055

We begin tonight’s NYCCR with a big congrats to Trump, Irene Bremis, Mike Bocchetti, and Talia Reese sit panel with Pat to discuss the election, grabbing pussy, protesters, Lori Palminteri and Alexis Daloni weigh in, and president-elect Donald Trump stops by talk about Hillary, the protesters, and his least attractive... More

Episode 46

NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon - 046

Tonight’s NYCCR begins with news on the bombing over the weekend in Chelsea, Clayton Fletcher, Chelsea White, and Rich Carucci sit panel to talk about the bombing, Mayor de Blasio, the bombing suspect in custody, Helene Witt, Mandy Stadtmiller, and James Blond chime in, and Jacque von Strapp Skypes in.... More