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Episode 119

TACS 119 - StinkySon Returns

TACS week starts with some hot topics on social media this weekend such as “the dress,” the dumb llamas, Obama previously threating to shoot down Israeli planes if they attack Iran, and Ronda Rousey being an absolute beast. We watch a video of a new LAPD shooting, check out a... More

Episode 111

TACS 111 - SNL 40

Ant begins Monday by admitting he may have sent some drunken tweets over the weekend, chats about the SNL 40th anniversary show and goes through a few clips from it, reads a list of people that Chevy Chase has pissed off, and a pussy caller asks Ant to click on... More

Episode 11

TACS 011 with East Side Dave

East Side Dave joins Anthony poolside to talk about the ongoing "radio war" with Ron Bennington and end up talking about what movies truly gross in theaters. Speaking of gross (kidding), they also talk about Keith the Cop's ass, the stunts that Dave is willing to do "for the show",... More