Archived Shows
Episode 48

Safe Space 048

Our H.N.I.C. is back in his Safe Space (brought to us by the letters J-O-Y) talking about the disappointing election in Philly, Joy Villa and Candace Owens gaining popularity since coming out conservatives, Joy Villa’s “style” being garbage, and the possibility of Joy not voting for Donald Trump and also,... More

Episode 47

Safe Space 047

We’re back in the Safe Space with Taleeb talking about D.O.X., hurricane Harvey Weinstein, Russian advertisements on social media, Info Wars (not that one), and Candace Owens aka “red pill black.” Andy Warski Skype’s to talk about Candace Owens, SJW’s, hating on people blowing up on social media, and doxing... More

Episode 46

Safe Space 046

Our favorite H.N.I.C. is back in his safe space talking about a crime in Utah done possibly by a Compound staff member, triggering the left through Halloween costumes, costume issues on college campuses, and racially insensitive Corn Pops. No shit. He then gets in to babbling Frederica Wilson, Teri O’Brien... More

Episode 45

Safe Space 045

Taleeb starts off the show with a update on a boy who was lynched and how the Young Turks covered it. Colin Flaherty then joins Taleeb and they discuss how lies become truths, and check out Nick Cannon's new rap. They are then joined by Pat Dixon for the NNFL.

Episode 42

Safe Space 042

Our new age Tom Sawyer is in the Safe Space today talking about rumors and scandals surrounding the American Red Cross, a protest over a child shooting/acquitted officer that lead to 123 arrests, we watch the video from the shooting, and we hear about another shooting/protest…oh wait. Never mind. Peggy... More

Episode 41

Safe Space 041

The H.N.I.C. is back in his Safe Space talking about porn, management picking on the “b,” a GoFundMe for a dude that fucked up a relationship, Officer Turner vs. Caine Menacetosociety Turner, “Trump’s America” (not), and reverse racism. Ken Webster Jr. Skypes in to talk with Taleeb about hosting a... More

Episode 40

Safe Space 040

The H.N.I.C. is back in his Safe Space talking about gonorrhea (?!), this day in 1996 with Tupac, the joy parents feel when kids go back to school, and we check out some old school Judge Wapner. Taleeb talks about public schools named after confederate democrats and their demographics, the... More