Archived Shows
Episode 273

TACS 273 with Esther Ku and Ralph Sutton

Anthony is met by Esther Ku today after the long holiday weekend and they chat about vocal volumes, Bobby Lee, venting on social media, mixed messages, reprogramming guys, and they’re joined by a few neighboring Koreans. Esther talks about her parents, her upbringing, religion, her almost arranged marriage, crying as... More

Episode 14

The Gavin McInnes Show 014

Gavin is live from New York for the first time! He talks hipsters, punk, and more with Jim Goad, Tony Barber, Ralph Sutton and Kendra Sunderland.

Episode 141

TACS 141 with Ralph Sutton and Payton Sin Claire

Human garbage Anthony starts Tuesday addressing Opie’s statements including the haters, being a bad friend, Opie’s wedding, the houses of friends he’s been to, his drinking, resentment, therapy, missing work, race talk, not “liking each other,” and moving on. With that out of the way, we find out that “Chinky... More