Archived Shows
Episode 582

TACS 582 with Orny Adams, Kerryn Feehan, and Myka Fox

Anthony is back talking about his new wardrobe (that might be Gavin’s, shhhh), Time Square tourists, the angering aftermath of the “Time Square mower,” the hot af weather, the Compound comedy show and afterparty, and the new Samsung QLED gaming monitor. We see a new pic of Howard Stern, watch... More

Episode 342

TACS 342 with Bobby Kelly and Jim Norton

TACS begins an Ant-less month with host Robert Kelly singing the praises of Anthony, special guest Jim Norton joins Baw-bee to shit talk on disgustingly “sexy” pics of Jimmy, they chat about getting together with the guys, Keith Robinson’s road to recovery, weight loss, single life versus married life, old... More

Episode 334

TACS 334 with Joe DeVito and Aaron Berg

TACS begins the week with a bitchy Anthony griping about the train, he fills us in on his weekend which included poker shenanigans and re-watching Jackie Brown, and Joe DeVito and Aaron Berg take a seat to talk about Tarantino flicks, big asses, crazy chicks, and crazy sex. The guys... More

Episode 299

TACS 299 with Ron Bennington and East Side Dave

The great Ron Bennington joins Anthony today to yap about Glenn Frey, Miami Vice, cockblockers, SiriusXM, psychic powers, depression, Ant’s dating decisions, David Bowie, and Ronnie tries to give Anthony life advice. Anthony expresses his innocence and his guilt when it comes to relationships, they discuss the Oscar nominees, Star... More

Episode 246

TACS 246 with Dennis Hof

TACS begins today with a recap of yesterday’s guests, Ant talks about train riding, his knuckles (the fuck?), Lamar Odom, throbbing hard-ons, and last night’s democratic debate. We watch an anti-Hillary “Benghazi video,” read the latest on Daniel Craig, learn about Quentin Tarantino’s racism, Spike Lee being an asshole as... More