Archived Shows
Episode 350

TACS 350 with Ari Shaffir and Big Jay Oakerson

TACS week kicks off (late) with Ari Shaffir and Big Jay Oakerson discussing bulimia, Ari’s jeweyness, a potential bar mitzvah for Jay, Jews in Jay’s family, and half-assing Judaism. They get into dick size, the possibility of getting butt fucked, prison rape, inconsistencies in prisons, repping your hood, we hear... More

Episode 187

TACS 187 with Nick Dipaolo and a Mermaid

TACS begins poolside with Nick DiPaolo where Ant explains Jimmy’s absence, they get into the latest details on the NY prison break and the possibility of it being turned into a movie, and discuss the pros and cons of the Supreme Court's ruling on same sex marriage. The guys then... More

Episode 13

TACS 013 with Bobby Kelly

Today's show was free for everyone! Comedian Bobby Kelly sits poolside with Anthony to go over the now infamous "Time Square incident" which leads into convos about past fights, prison verses juvenile hall, and Bobby's theory that most rock stars speak "half-queer." Bobby fill us in on his upcoming FX... More