Archived Shows
Episode 22

Burning Bridges 022

Burning Bridges is back with PJ Landers and Steve Marshall joining Kevin to talk about Kevin’s recent “scrap” at the Comedy Cellar, we watch a cop/pullover video, they discuss some Twitter backlash over it, Kevin’s lawsuit, and a few cops in the audience tell us about pullover policies. We find... More

Episode 200

TACS 200 with Mike Bocchetti and Stacey Prussman

A Jim Florentine-less TACS begins learning about @BikiniForever on Twitter, Ant then discusses the Sandra Bland traffic stop video and the proper way to behave when you get pulled over, he addresses picking and choosing your battles, and the callers offer up feedback. After Ant gathers up all of his... More

Episode 187

TACS 187 with Nick Dipaolo and a Mermaid

TACS begins poolside with Nick DiPaolo where Ant explains Jimmy’s absence, they get into the latest details on the NY prison break and the possibility of it being turned into a movie, and discuss the pros and cons of the Supreme Court's ruling on same sex marriage. The guys then... More

Episode 167

TACS 167 with Ari Shaffir and Kendra Sunderland

TACS week ends with Ari Shaffir joining Anthony poolside to chat about his trip to Thailand that included the things gals shoot out of their pussy there, Thai hookers, STD's, and the food. They then get into chicken consumption, horse meat consumption, Locked Up Abroad, police brutality in other countries,... More

Episode 158

TACS 158 with Chris Hansen

After a sting-tastic opening, Chris Hansen sits down with Anthony to explain how the show To Catch a Predator started, the research he did and didn’t do for the show, the consequences behind these pervs actions, the collateral damage it causes, the possible entrapment angle, repeat customers, and society dealing... More

Episode 155

TACS 155 - 21 Grams of Cumia

Thursday kicks off with Ant telling us about an issue he has with FiOS, the callers offer some suggestions, we check into a live police chase in LA, get an update about the new website, and wish Bobo a happy birthday. We look at a new clip of Geraldo reporting... More