Archived Shows
Episode 115

TACS 115 with guest Lionel

TACS is back and today’s show begins by dissecting last night’s lackluster Oscar’s, we watch a news clip “reporting” on Lady Gaga’s performance, one of Pawel Pawlikowski's long speech, talk about what a creep John Travolta is, and hear from some callers. Lionel (@LionelMedia) then joins Ant at the poker... More

Episode 63

TACS 063 with Mike Brown, Brandon Collins and the Starr Sisters

Mike Brown and Brandon Collins sit with Anthony at the poker table and while they wait for the Starr sisters, they discuss strip clubs, Ant’s Jewey neighborhood, Bill Cosby, fuckable midget chicks, Al Sharpton, and how social media can effect your life in different ways. The Starr sisters join the... More