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Episode 641

TACS 641

Anthony hears Paul Mecurio's story about his littering cab driver, then they watch a angry mother yelling on the subway. Paul has to leave, but Gavin Mcinnes stops by in time to watch an update on the girl that was punched by cops on the beach. They spend the rest... More

Episode 529

TACS 529 with Dave Temple, Tom Cassidy, and Paul Mecurio

Today’s TACS begins with a rant on (lack of) privacy, Dave Temple, Tom Cassidy, and Kevin Brennan take a seat to chat with Anthony about “International Woman’s Day,” observing holidays, the Holocaust, the movie “Deepwater Horizon,” and non-American’s taking American roles. Kevin bitches about white women in comedy, they discuss... More

Episode 468

TACS 468 with Mike Brown, and Paul Mecurio

Anthony begins the show talking about his weekend in Buffalo seeing Nick DiPaolo and do some gambling, he is joined by Mike Brown and goes on to chat about our new president-elect’s lack of merch, Compound Media’s election night coverage, the media’s coverage of election night, and the fiasco with... More

Episode 403

TACS 403 with Mike Cannon, Mike Bocchetti, and Mia Vallis

Anthony is joined by Mike Cannon and Mike Bocchetti chatting it up about sobriety, weight loss, Donald Trump, Germany and German porn, crazy ass cats, dead animals, baking cakes (of sorts), Tony Jones getting shut down by Rebecca Judd, and the guys swap “shut down stories.” Mia Vallis joins the... More

Episode 387

TACS 387 with Paul Mecurio and Curt Schilling

On this episode of TACS, Ant is joined by Curt Schilling talking about being in NY as a sportsman, winning the World Series, video gaming, creating a software company, ending his baseball career, and getting labeled. They also chat about amendments, being told what to like and not like, getting... More

Episode 308

TACS 308 with Paul Mecurio

A frotastic Anthony begins today’s TACS waxing on Florida Evans, James’s death, and sad TV episodes, we see Gavin McInnes picking apart pandering commercials, Ant points out racial differences in commercials, and gushes about the Oculus for Samsung. We see a video for “VirtuaDolls,” get into jerkoff and virtual porn... More

Paul Mecurio and Anthony Cumia discuss Sex for Sam

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