Archived Shows
Episode 102

East Side Dave Show 102

On this episode of the ESDS, Roy is back from a vacation on mushrooms, Dave gives us a monologue, and Big A celebrates the Oscars. Flutesy plays her flute game then reveals a hidden family secret, Bobo and Dave engage in movie trivia, and we’re treated to a plethora of... More

Episode 322

TACS 322 with Pete Lee and Chuck Nice

Today Anthony gives his thoughts on last night’s movie person contest (aka the Oscars), Rich Vos calls in to give us his behind the scenes take, and Pete Lee and Chuck Nice take a seat to talk about nerding out, Chuck’s upbringing, Pete’s past acting gigs, and auditions. They get... More

Episode 300

TACS 300 with Mike Brown

Today’s 300th episode of TACS gives us Mike Brown and Anthony talking about attempting to handle your mail, Beavis the destroyer, the repercussions for late payments, double digit rape, Cosby’s attorney, the presidential candidates and their ideas, and Sarah Palin endorsing Trump. We hear what MSNBC had to say about... More

Episode 299

TACS 299 with Ron Bennington and East Side Dave

The great Ron Bennington joins Anthony today to yap about Glenn Frey, Miami Vice, cockblockers, SiriusXM, psychic powers, depression, Ant’s dating decisions, David Bowie, and Ronnie tries to give Anthony life advice. Anthony expresses his innocence and his guilt when it comes to relationships, they discuss the Oscar nominees, Star... More

Episode 297

TACS 297

Closing out the week, Ant explains his wardrobe, gives his thoughts on the docs “The Suitcase” and “Making a Murderer,” explains his new life routine, praises Trump, and tells us about attempting to stay off Twitter. Callers discusses his part in the Patrice O'Neal doc, tonight debate, his “girlfriend pattern,”... More

Episode 1

Comedy Outliers 001

Check out the first live episode of Comedy Outliers! Mike and Brandon talk about being black around white people, Jnco jeans, Robin Thicke, Paula Patton, Long Tongues, take a bunch of calls, and more.

Episode 115

TACS 115 with guest Lionel

TACS is back and today’s show begins by dissecting last night’s lackluster Oscar’s, we watch a news clip “reporting” on Lady Gaga’s performance, one of Pawel Pawlikowski's long speech, talk about what a creep John Travolta is, and hear from some callers. Lionel (@LionelMedia) then joins Ant at the poker... More