Archived Shows
Episode 60

Mornin'!!! w/ Bill Schulz 060

Bill starts the show bitching about BOLD and recapping yesterday’s guest Derek Waters, we see a car losing control, hear Megyn Kelly clap back on Jane Fonda, and Chris Wilson, Samantha Judge Terrio, Barret Swatek, and Noam Dworman sit panel to talk more about Megyn Kelly. They also discuss Alcoholics... More

Episode 492

TACS 492 with Dave Smith

Anthony is joined by Dave Smith today discussing Megyn Kelly’s move to NBC, Donald Trump’s “dart shooting,” predictions of when the Trump outrage will die down, the racial divide in the country, being forced to lie because of “outrage,” and liberal Bruce Springsteen. They go on to talk about the... More

Episode 460

TACS 460 with Nick DiPaolo, and Rick Shapiro

Anthony begins today’s TACS talking about being blocked by Chuck Yeager, voting and the candidates, the media coverage, and manufacturer outsourcing. Nick DiPaolo takes a seat to talk about the election, Megyn Kelly, the TV spinning rules, alpha male Trump, past candidates, Wikileaks, Hillary and the ethnic community, and Nick... More

Episode 399

TACS 399 with Dinesh D'Souza

On today’s TACS, Dinesh D’Souza joins Anthony to talk about his film “Hillary’s America,” the hoops he jumped through to film it, being charged for exceeding the campaign limit, and Obama and his goals. They also talk about delusional Hillary, leftist theories, the history of democrats, social media’s influence, the... More