Archived Shows
Episode 60

In Hot Water 060

Live on Skype from JFL in Montreal, Aaron Berg kicks off the show schooling us on “le French,” Geno makes his way into the studio to rant on audible books, unnecessarily treating people like assholes, being full retard, outlawing guns and racism, saying goodbye to your dick (?!!), and not... More

Episode 512

TACS 512

Today Anthony updates us on his tooth, talks about a democratic pedo ring, the newest with “cash me outside” girl, Betsy DeVos being confirmed as education secretary, we watch a MSNBC clip planting seeds about Donald Trump, and Ant expresses his embarrassment about the media. He goes on to talk... More

Episode 498

TACS 498 with Rich Vos

Anthony ends the week with a solo show because Rich Vos decided to go golfing. He talks about celebrities false self worth and checks out a video of them singing I Will Survive. The guys discuss shooting guns, check out some 'sexy' pics of Lena Dunham, and Ant expounds on... More

Episode 465

TACS 465 with Brian McDaniel

Anthony begins the day talking about what he saw on In Hot Water earlier, blocking people for spoiling TV (and then proceeds to semi-spoil Westworld), John Oliver the Trump basher, Ted Cruz, and Ant’s his maids and their votes. He goes on to talk about “sanctuary city,” the callers chime... More

Episode 458

TACS 458 with Joe DeVito and Ann Coulter

Anthony begins the show talking (bitching) about a-holes on the train, Beyoncé at the CMA’s, “rules” to celebrating your pride and culture, and briefly touches on the World Series and Cleveland’s police scanner. Ann Coulter and Joe DeVito take a seat and they go on to talk about possible election... More

Episode 391

TACS 391 with Joe Matarese

Today Anthony discusses Hillary’s latest speech, nutty Trump, delegating responsibility, over obvious pandering, structured (and unstructured) prisons, and Joe Matarese takes a seat to chat about public and personal transportation issues, theme songs, and we revisit the old “Live From the Compound” opening. They go on to bag on CHiPs... More