Archived Shows
Episode 133

Mornin'!!! 133

Wrapping up the last Mornin’ of the week, Bill and Joanne talk about the apocalypse, a wedding Jo is going to this weekend, wedding gifts, wedding horror stories, and Jill Dobson and Bill McCuddy sit panel to talk about a fashion magazine party they attended. They discuss Elaine Stritch, “summer... More

Episode 489

TACS 489 with Will Noonan

On today’s wacky hair episode, Anthony talks with Will Noonan about Garrett’s shitty picture, Sandy Kane, disposable cameras, dick pics, the old days of photography versus now, and animal videos. The guys go on to chat about “hurting” people, SJW’s, Caitlyn Jenner, Kayne and Kim, The Cardassians, trolling kids, electronics... More

Episode 442

TACS 442 with Nick DiPaolo

Anthony begins the week talking about last night’s “bullying and pussy grabbing” debate, Bill Clinton’s OMG face, Nick Di Paolo joins the discussion regarding last night’s debate, grabbing pussy and “feminism,” and action versus words. They talk about Hillary’s pussy eating, people’s fear of admitting who they’re voting for, the... More

Episode 440

TACS 440 with Bill Schulz

TACS wraps up the week with a weather update of sorts on Hurricane Matthew, Bill Schulz takes a seat to go on with Anthony about weather reporters, they chat about new baseball and throwback baseball, dealing with sickness and hanging ball sacks (?!?!), and “Perfect Smile Veneers.” After some more... More

Episode 439

TACS 439 with Kendra Sunderland

Today Anthony begins the day with a little coughing and bitching about Penn Station, he talks about his conversation with Opie yesterday, the social media feedback, General Chuck Yeager, the latest on Kim Kardashian’s robbery, and he goes through and picks apart a Page Six article on the big O&A... More

Episode 437

TACS 437 with Mike Recine

TACS is back with Anthony waxing about shooting East Side Dave’s “Star Wars Spectacular,” Opie’s new gig and the “radio war” going on, the latest with Trump and Clinton, and we find out it’s stupid ass Al Sharpton’s birthday. Mike Recine takes a seat and goes on with Ant to... More

Episode 25

East Side Dave Show 025

ESDS is back with a monologue that includes news about Tim Tebow, Kim Kardashian, Dave’s dick hole, Emma Watson, “Black’s Rule,” Taylor Swift Johnny Depp, and Darryl Strawberry. After a song with Roy, the staff gets a harsh warning, we see a video of a fan that got his ESDS... More

Episode 328

TACS 328 with Luis J. Gomez, Zac Amico and Ron Bennington

Today Anthony has Zac Amico and Luis J. Gomez in studio with him chatting about “International Women’s Day,” gal on guy assault, Kim K’s nudie pic, Chloe Moretz’s shade throwing, Sharon Osbourne’s nudie pic, and counting your woman blessings. We learn all about “naked shows,” they discuss gimmick comedy, Louis... More

Episode 80

TACS 080 with Robert Kelly

Ant starts the show with a little story about his nana, he talks about the latest on the movie “The Interview,” we see the leaked ending of the movie, find out that Ant knows a hell of a lot about Taylor Swift, and we take a look at Britney Spears... More