Archived Shows
Episode 150

TACS 150 with Kevin Pollak and Doug Stanhope

Anthony is joined by Kevin Pollak via Skype to chat about his movie “Misery Loves Comedy,” the cameos in the film, stand-up feeling like a drug, embracing the bomb, enjoying your friends bomb, getting a handle on your misery, and the ultimate message of his movie. Ant then talks about... More

Episode 147

TACS 147 with Ron Bennington

While waiting for Ron Bennington, Anthony talks about his excitement for the new Star Wars and plays the trailer for it, the Dennis Quaid “freak-out” being a hoax, Kevin Pollak’s film “Misery Loves Comedy,” Bobo calls in with an update on his Fan Duel account, we hear about a spring... More

Episode 90

TACS 090 with Kevin Pollak and Club Soda Kenny

Club Soda Kenny is in the house and the guys reminisce about some of the past events that went down at SiriusXM, they yap about the current state of the police, and about how it’s going over on the Opie and Jimmy show now. We see a video of a... More