Archived Shows
Episode 640

TACS 640

Segment Times and Links: Anthony begins the show talking about his appearance on Michael Malice's sorta new show. Kris Fried comes in studio and they get into the Miss America swimsuit controversy, Kate Spade's suicide, and Rosie being driven insane by Trump. Kendra Sunderland joins the show and so... More

Episode 439

TACS 439 with Kendra Sunderland

Today Anthony begins the day with a little coughing and bitching about Penn Station, he talks about his conversation with Opie yesterday, the social media feedback, General Chuck Yeager, the latest on Kim Kardashian’s robbery, and he goes through and picks apart a Page Six article on the big O&A... More

Episode 350

TACS 350 with Ari Shaffir and Big Jay Oakerson

TACS week kicks off (late) with Ari Shaffir and Big Jay Oakerson discussing bulimia, Ari’s jeweyness, a potential bar mitzvah for Jay, Jews in Jay’s family, and half-assing Judaism. They get into dick size, the possibility of getting butt fucked, prison rape, inconsistencies in prisons, repping your hood, we hear... More

Episode 14

The Gavin McInnes Show 014

Gavin is live from New York for the first time! He talks hipsters, punk, and more with Jim Goad, Tony Barber, Ralph Sutton and Kendra Sunderland.

Episode 167

TACS 167 with Ari Shaffir and Kendra Sunderland

TACS week ends with Ari Shaffir joining Anthony poolside to chat about his trip to Thailand that included the things gals shoot out of their pussy there, Thai hookers, STD's, and the food. They then get into chicken consumption, horse meat consumption, Locked Up Abroad, police brutality in other countries,... More

Episode 163

TACS 163 with Jim Norton, Bobo and Don the Hypnotist

With Anthony sick, Chip Chipperson treats us by starting the show. Jim Norton takes over to bitch about the traffic on Long Island, we go to Ant (barely) live from his bed, Jim talks about wanting to move, and they chat about Stuttering John as well as condom issues. They... More