Archived Shows
Episode 72

Safe Space 072

Our fellow traveler Taleeb Starkes begins the day yapping it up about opportunists, A. Benjamin Mannes joins Taleeb to talk about Starbucks training, implicit bias, and “LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP.” They go on to talk about reparations happy hour, operating room music drama, Roseanne and her tweet, Wanda Sykes the hypocrite, Keith Olbermann’s... More

Episode 506

TACS 506

Wrapping up TACS week solo, Anthony talks about his drive in to the city, Brother Joe getting kicked off Facebook (again), the wildness of President Trump coming out of Air Force One and getting into “The Beast,” the ease of ordering through Seamless, the trade war with Mexico, and (lack... More

Episode 121

TACS 121 with guest Alex Jones

Wildlife loving Anthony starts today’s show telling us what Attorney General Holder said regarding the police in Ferguson, goes through a few offensive e-mails sent by their police department, and Ant gives his views on the subject. We listen to hypocritical (and hater of cancer kids) Keith Olbermann’s “apology,” see... More

Episode 118

TACS 118 with the Amish Outlaws and Gavin McInnes

Ya may want to fast forward to 2:24 - no audio till then! Sorry. -Rat After a some slight technical difficulties, TACS begins with a song from The Amish Outlaws, we learn that net neutrality was voted on and passed, Ant puts on his tinfoil hat to vent his ill feelings... More

Episode 117

TACS 117 - Keith Olbermann Hates Cancer Kids

Anthony gets right into expressing his frustration with net neutrality because the government won’t be clear on what it actually is, he mentions he’ll be on air with Joe Walsh (no, not from the Eagles) to discuss the subject later, and talks about Keith Olbermann’s bullshit apology as well as... More

Episode 50

TACS 050

Ant starts the show talking about his home life, the upcoming Halloween party, and he tells us a story regarding SiriusXM. He shows us video of the NASA rocket that exploded, introduces us to “Smuggs,” we go through a list of the most photographed places in the world, and then... More