Archived Shows
Episode 646

TACS 646

Anthony and Dave start the show talking about Kathy Griffin's advice for Kevin Hart, and share stories about creepy hotels and sleeping in their car. Derek Richards joins the show and they continue the hotel conversation, check out the rape-y show 13 Reasons, make fun of TSA agent uniforms, and... More

Episode 72

Safe Space 072

Our fellow traveler Taleeb Starkes begins the day yapping it up about opportunists, A. Benjamin Mannes joins Taleeb to talk about Starbucks training, implicit bias, and “LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP.” They go on to talk about reparations happy hour, operating room music drama, Roseanne and her tweet, Wanda Sykes the hypocrite, Keith Olbermann’s... More

Episode 637

TACS 637

Anthony and Dave are joined by Nick DiPaolo talking about Wanda Sykes, comedy contamination, Kathy Griffin’s tweets, You’ve Been Trumped,” Roseanne backlash, and double standards. They discuss “train talkers,” having honest discussions about race, Starbucks “sensitivity training,” Ellen DeGeneres saving the rillas, a statement from Starbucks CEO, and Trump’s rally... More

Episode 82

The AA Show 082

On today’s #TheAAShow, Gilbert Gottfried joins Anthony to talk about Artie missing the show today, Gilbert’s documentary, the influence of TV and movie, going to the movies as kids, and Aziz Ansari and his “claw.” They go on to discuss the recent string of “sexual harassment,” Robert De Niro losing... More