Archived Shows
Episode 105

In Hot Water 105

Aaron starts the show cold to give Geno time to not finish his rant, then we hear from an angry mother whose kid was moved on the subway. Jeremy Pinsly comes in studio and they discuss Miss America taking away the swimsuit competition, and a Gay Wedding Cake pops in... More

Episode 132

Mornin'!!! 132

Today Bill and Jo talk about an event they went to last night, breastfeeding, a rebel cat, spray tanning, Wawa, and Justin Smith, Chris Rovzar, and Daniel Johnson Kim sit panel to yap about Justin’s trip to Boston. They also talk about Roseanne being cancelled, city peeps not being as... More

Episode 120

Mornin'!!! 120

Jo and Bill starts the day talking about sitcoms and theme songs, Bill and Ted’s 3, a volcano in Hawaii erupting, and Linda Kenney Baden, Justin Smith, and Josh McCarroll sit panel to talk about Eric Schneiderman. They also discuss women and power, sports and brain damage, and hangovers hurting... More

Episode 257

TACS 257 with Joanne Nosuchinsky and Dave Smith

Monday’s TACS begins with a weekend recap that included Anthony’s big Halloween party, Gavin’s show surpassing levels, doing Red Eye, and learning about a Quentin Tarantino boycott. Joanne Nosuchinsky and Dave Smith join the show to chat about Joanne’s title and pageants, Trump, embracing change, slut shaming, they do a... More