Archived Shows
Episode 622

TACS 622 with Dean Delray, and Aaron Berg

Anthony begins the day talking about yesterday’s big co-host announcement, Gavin making his exit at Compound Media, Ashleigh Shackleford appearing on IHW, Stuttering John Melendez shit talking Artie, and Fred Stoller’s comments on Artie and Anthony. Anthony discusses a civil war doc he watched last night and how it relates... More

Episode 479

TACS 479 with Bill Schulz

TACS is back with a dolled-up Anthony yapping about annoying kids, The Walking Dead, rewatching the movie Private Parts, and Bill Schulz takes a seat to talk about Kennedy’s show, Hillary and the Russians, the CIA, and Mike Baker. The guys go on to chat about Putin and Trump, the... More

Episode 415

TACS 415 with Jared Freid and John Melendez

Anthony starts the show talking about his morning shooting Gavin’s movie “Your Stupid,” John Melendez joins the show to chat about getting his phone hacked, getting served for divorce, and they wax on marriage and divorce bullshit. Mia Vallis calls in to say hi, fills us in on her latest... More

Episode 375

TACS 375 with Stuttering John

The folks from AdLarge Media pack the house today while Anthony chats about marriage, tomorrow’s Facebook live stream, late-night Hallmark Channel watching and the morning show with Matt Iseman, the latest on Richard (Fiona) Simmons, and we see a lovely dancing video of Ralphie May and Bert Kreischer. Stuttering John... More

Episode 229

TACS 229 with Stuttering John Melendez

Today on TACS - Anthony talks Gary Busey and Bindi Irwin on Dancing with the Stars, Trump, and John Melendez joins to discuss everything from Stern to how gay John Travolta is.

Episode 182

TACS 182 with Jessica Rhodes, Stuttering John and Dave Smith

TACS begins with a recap of last night’s LOS shenanigans, we see the sexy side of Stinky, Ant talks about the racial divide in America, discusses the Charleston shooting and Dylann Roof, and Chip Chipperson calls in with his extremely important two cents. We then look at some “erotic” pics... More

Episode 162

TACS 162 - Gun Debate with Ladd Everitt

Wednesday’s TACS begins with a vocally challenged Ant telling us about the after show taping with Stuttering John, we watch a video of Beavis opening a door, and briefly go through the derailed train news story. We see a reporters “outrage” over “fuck her right in the pussy,” Ant talks... More

Episode 161

TACS 161 with Stuttering John

Before Anthony meets Stuttering John Melendez poolside, he talks about last night’s Letterman with Howard Stern and Don Rickles, the “breaking news” that the Stangel brothers will now be producing Opie and Jimmy, KtC gives everyone an app and studio update, and Ant clears up concerns regarding his elbows. He... More