Archived Shows
Episode 53

The AA Show 053

A solo Anthony is joined by Will Noonan today talking about a Twitter fight regarding a bakery (not even kidding), the fire burning Southern Cali down, white knights on Twitter, limiting word usage, and the profiling of white men these days. We see some fake sign language, watch a creep... More

Episode 521

TACS 521 with Dave Smith

Dave Smith joins Anthony today to talk about last night’s Patrice O’Neal benefit, Rich Vos’s dumb hat, Leslie Jones screaming, KtC’s networking, Pete Davidson’s big brush off, Ant’s Star Wars convo with Joe DeRosa, and mending burned bridges. Dave mentions talking with Richard Spencer earlier, they chat about old O&A... More

Episode 510

TACS 510 with Ian Bagg, and Bob DiBuono

Rounding out TACS week a freshly coifed Anthony talks about Alex Jones on Joe Rogan’s podcast, the Milo Yiannopoulos protest at Berkeley, celebrity reactions to the protest, and Gavin comes in to discuss his talk at NYU tonight and the Berkeley protests. We learn about a speaker at the woman’s... More

Episode 320

TACS 320 with Bob Levy and Geno Bisconte

Midweek TACS brings us Reverend Bob Levy and Anthony (aka Paulie Walnuts/Mike Brady) yapping about salons, square dancing, and Geno Bisconte joins to further discuss dancing in schools, Geno’s living situation, hotel sex, hotel filth, and Joe Rogan on Dada 5000. They get into “words hurting,” Geno’s biggest pussy move... More

Episode 167

TACS 167 with Ari Shaffir and Kendra Sunderland

TACS week ends with Ari Shaffir joining Anthony poolside to chat about his trip to Thailand that included the things gals shoot out of their pussy there, Thai hookers, STD's, and the food. They then get into chicken consumption, horse meat consumption, Locked Up Abroad, police brutality in other countries,... More