Archived Shows
Episode 92

The AA Show 092

Artie and Anthony are joined today by Joe Currie talking about The Cro-Mags, last night’s Crashing, “alt” comedy, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Norm Macdonald, gambling, and prison life. They discuss old McDonald's commercials, Fergie singing the nation anthem this weekend, sensitivity training, doxing, Black Panther, vag wigs, and the... More

Episode 623

TACS 623 with Joe Currie, and Davin Rosenblatt

Segment Times and Links: Anthony begins the day talking about Gavin McInnes leaving the network, his scheduling issues, doing the Chip Chipperson Podacast last night as well as “Street Jokes” at The Stand, his court date this morning, and his newest ticket. He goes on to discuss Robert Lee... More

Episode 444

TACS 444 with Ari Shaffir and Joe Currie

Raspy voiced Anthony talks (barely) about Nancy Grace’s appearance on Jim and Sam, his tweet regarding it, Jimmy awful sound machine, and Joe Currie and Ari Shaffir join the show to chat about Trump and Hillary, the twisted media, the desperation of both parties, and guys having “sex talks.” We... More

Episode 143

TACS 143 - Siblings Day with Brother Joe and Dawn

It’s sibling day on TACS with the Cumia kids! Joe and Dawn join Ant and we’re treated to a trip down memory lane with plenty of throwback pictures, a slew of stories including players in their past, shitty old jobs, their parents marriages, trips to and from California, adventures with... More

Episode 90

TACS 090 with Kevin Pollak and Club Soda Kenny

Club Soda Kenny is in the house and the guys reminisce about some of the past events that went down at SiriusXM, they yap about the current state of the police, and about how it’s going over on the Opie and Jimmy show now. We see a video of a... More