Archived Shows
Episode 82

The AA Show 082

On today’s #TheAAShow, Gilbert Gottfried joins Anthony to talk about Artie missing the show today, Gilbert’s documentary, the influence of TV and movie, going to the movies as kids, and Aziz Ansari and his “claw.” They go on to discuss the recent string of “sexual harassment,” Robert De Niro losing... More

Episode 523

TACS 523 with Tim Butterly, Tommy Pope, and Shane Gillis

TACS is back with Tommy Pope, Tim Butterly, and Shane Gillis talking about last night’s Oscars snafus and Bill Paxton’s death, we check out a few Paxton clips, they inspect Ryan Gosling’s sister’s tits, and breakdown Jimmy Kimmel’s bits at the Oscars. We read some feedback from the movie Moonlight,... More

Episode 414

TACS 414 with Theo Von and Harrison Greenbaum

On today’s TACS, Ant begins talking about his newest part in Gavin’s movie, Kevin from Previti Pizza takes a seat to tell a cat story, Keith tells a boat story, and Theo Von and Harrison Greenbaum take a seat and go on to talk about disposing of dead animals, eating... More

Episode 316

TACS 316 with Zac Amico

Today Anthony is joined by Zac Amico to discuss assholes on social media, Kanye’s debt, the old days of the internet and the advertisements, the Aniston ass pic, and Luis J. Gomez’s (semi) association with the UFC. We hear about Ronda Rousey’s suicidal thoughts, the guys talk about being hot... More

Episode 176

TACS 177 - Move On Up

It’s hump day on TACS and Anthony starts by expressing his love for Nick DiPaolo, he shows us pics of the new studio and gives some details about it, Jimmy Norton makes a special call in, and Ant teases some upcoming show ideas. We hear a little SiriusXM gossip, Gavin... More

Episode 146

TACS 146 with Tom McCaffrey

Today’s TACS starts by discussing the news story regarding a postal worker landing his gyrocopter outside the U.S. Capitol and the backstory of what his agenda was, we watch a new Alex Jones video, and sex it up with a story about a naked Twister playing mama. Ant then talks... More