Archived Shows
Episode 100

In Hot Water 100

The boys of IHW are back for their 100th episode with a clip of Rosanne on Fallon, Geno rants on school shootings and rally’s, we learn about some pop star named Halsey bitching about shampoo, and the shampoo itself stops by to drop an explanation. An Asian restaurant owner come... More

Episode 54

NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon - 054

We begin this episode of NYCCR finding out Uber hates disabled people, Pat talks about a drive-by skating and a pic of Trump with a baby, Jimmy Failla, Anthony Zenhauser, and Steven Scott sit panel to chat about Mandy’s cooking and sexual prowess, and we see the Let’s Get Cookin’... More

Episode 174

TACS 174 - Fakeity Fake Fake

This fine week ends with a lesson on what not to wear in front of a green screen, Ant discusses the documentary “Vietnam in HD,” history repeating itself, combat documentaries, he announces that Tom Shillue will be the new host of Red Eye, and we learn all about female Viagra.... More