Archived Shows
Episode 115

The AA Show 115

Wrapping up the week, a freshly soy sauced Anthony sits with Artie to chat about morning show call times, “high pitch Mike” from Howard Stern, radio sales people, Stephon Clark’s televised funeral and his brother’s crazy ass behavior. They also discuss DMX, getting arrested, NFL male cheerleaders, a throwback Dallas... More

Episode 87

The AA Show 087

Wrapping up #TheAAShow week, Artie and Anthony talk about Marlon Brando and Richard Pryor possibly fucking, Howard Stern, old baseball, Amy Schumer’s new movie, bullshitters, and pulling the chick card. Joe Larson joins the guys to chat about Steven A. Spielberg, a Richard Stanley documentary, Jim Norton, Trumpy Bear, a... More

Episode 45

The AA Show 045

Anthony begins the show today talking about a few (a lot) of things that p.o.s. Stuttering John has recently done, Artie makes his way in and they go on to talk more about blathering John, and chat about on-air arguments. Dave Temple joins the guys to discuss Howard and Artie... More