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Episode 82

The AA Show 082

On today’s #TheAAShow, Gilbert Gottfried joins Anthony to talk about Artie missing the show today, Gilbert’s documentary, the influence of TV and movie, going to the movies as kids, and Aziz Ansari and his “claw.” They go on to discuss the recent string of “sexual harassment,” Robert De Niro losing... More

Episode 46

The AA Show 046

While waiting for Artie, Anthony gives Stuttering John the smashing he deserves, Artie takes a seat and the guys further bash a deserving John, Rory Albanese joins the guys and they chat about the table at the Comedy Cellar, crossing the line with women, and LA comics. They discuss handling... More

Gilbert Gottfried, Jim Norton, Nick DiPaolo & More - The Best of The Anthony Cumia Show 69

Anthony and Gilbert Gottfried warn The Beatles from the future. Colin Quinn loses his wallet. Anthony and Jim Norton talk about toys that talk. Legion of Skanks with Nick DiPaolo - Nick eats an edible. Gavin McInnes talks to Cam Adair about video ...

Gilbert Gottfried Explains Jim Norton Monster Rain Game on The Anthony Cumia Show

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Episode 281

TACS 281 with Gilbert Gottfried

It’s Gilbert Gottfried day on TACS and Gilbert joins Anthony to talk about diversity, podcasting, the old days of getting TV and movies, and they get a touch gay talking about Forrest Tucker’s big dick, Milton Berle’s big dick, sexy Charlton Heston, Robert Mitchum sucking it in, a hotdog eating... More