Archived Shows
Episode 642

TACS 642

Anthony ends the week with Jim Florentine and Will Noonan in studio, they talk about hanging with Artie last night, which led to Anthony revealing everything behind his arrest. Will tells the story of seeing his first black penis, they talk about playing with fire, and fucking with friends. ... More

Episode 162

TACS 162 - Gun Debate with Ladd Everitt

Wednesday’s TACS begins with a vocally challenged Ant telling us about the after show taping with Stuttering John, we watch a video of Beavis opening a door, and briefly go through the derailed train news story. We see a reporters “outrage” over “fuck her right in the pussy,” Ant talks... More

Episode 125

TACS 125 with Ron Bennington, Lionel and Matt Iseman

Wednesday’s TACS starts with a recap of last night’s broadcast with Legion of Skanks, learning that a former fraternity member at University of Oklahoma has issued an apology, and Lionel joins the show via Skype to discuss his days in Sigma Alpha Epsilon, the “racist rant,” thought policing, people who... More

Episode 76

TACS 076 with Gavin McInnes

Ant updates us on the saga with his ex, talks about the Twitter backlash he got because of giving his opinion on the C.I.A Torture Report, and discusses the way military has handled conflicts over the years. We hear Shepard Smith’s views on torture and then, Ant “lightens the mood”... More

Episode 7

TACS 007 with Sean Bergin and Mary Jean

Sean Bergin kills it once again as he joins Anthony at the bar to revisit the situation in Ferguson Missouri and the death of Robin Williams. They then discuss Dominic Barbara, how the media handles apologies, and wax a bit on strip clubs. Porn star Mary Jean joins the conversation... More