Archived Shows
Episode 637

TACS 637

Anthony and Dave are joined by Nick DiPaolo talking about Wanda Sykes, comedy contamination, Kathy Griffin’s tweets, You’ve Been Trumped,” Roseanne backlash, and double standards. They discuss “train talkers,” having honest discussions about race, Starbucks “sensitivity training,” Ellen DeGeneres saving the rillas, a statement from Starbucks CEO, and Trump’s rally... More

Episode 622

TACS 622 with Dean Delray, and Aaron Berg

Anthony begins the day talking about yesterday’s big co-host announcement, Gavin making his exit at Compound Media, Ashleigh Shackleford appearing on IHW, Stuttering John Melendez shit talking Artie, and Fred Stoller’s comments on Artie and Anthony. Anthony discusses a civil war doc he watched last night and how it relates... More

Episode 411

TACS 411

Wednesday kicks off with some “breaking news” regarding Amy Schumer and Kurt Metzger, KtC explains charges versus allegations, Ant reads a few of Kurt’s posts, and then goes through some feminist feedback. We watch the trailer for “Hidden Figures,” learn about white/black NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson, revisit Jennifer Connelly’s tits,... More

Episode 87

TACS 087 with Mike Calta

Ant’s (finally) back and he lets us know that over the break he did a ton of TV watching, had a New Year’s party, and lost big at poker. We take a look at a few of Rat’s scuba diving pictures, see a clip of Mike Calta serving up Bubba... More