Archived Shows
Episode 649

TACS 649

Anthony, Dave, and Rich Vos open the show listening to Honest Opie Promos from his podcast, then they talk about Vos' roast. Gavin McInnes pops in to discuss the whole snatching kids from parents thing. They check out crazy televangelists, Rachel Maddow fake crying, talk about music festivals, and drug... More

Episode 645

TACS 645

Anthony and Dave start the show watching a woman talk to little kids about gay pride. Ari Shaffir joins the show and they get into gender issues, outrage from both the left and the right, and driving drunk or stoned. They talk about thinking about suicide, getting paralyzed, movies they... More

Episode 393

TACS 393 with Robert Kelly

Anthony is joined today by Robert Kelly for a recap of Ant’s big gay weekend in Cherry Grove, Rich Vos calls in to bitch, Bobby bitches about Garrett’s artwork, we see a Cherry Grove promo video, and we hear even more about “the gay.” The queeb fest continues with chats... More

Episode 190

TACS 190 with Bob Kelly and Mike Brown

TACS begins poolside with Bobby Kelly and Mike Brown chatting about all things Italian, corn holing, LOS, unwanted house guests, comedy condos, and Ant’s city apartment. They also talk about Bill de Blasio. Donald Trump, jizzing in hotels, Mike’s missed opportunity to be on Empire, bed and breakfasts, Ant drops... More

Episode 149

TACS 149 with Mike Ward

Dicis starts the show from ova here and then ova there and after that, Anthony talks about Dr. Oz being in the news, we see part of a throwback “Monsanto” Disney video, discuss the freakiness of things being “coded,” the irony of an agoraphobic granny falling down a hole, and... More

Episode 115

TACS 115 with guest Lionel

TACS is back and today’s show begins by dissecting last night’s lackluster Oscar’s, we watch a news clip “reporting” on Lady Gaga’s performance, one of Pawel Pawlikowski's long speech, talk about what a creep John Travolta is, and hear from some callers. Lionel (@LionelMedia) then joins Ant at the poker... More