Archived Shows
Episode 5

East Side Dave Show 005 - Another Drinking Show

Tonight's the drinking show! We jump right into "Laid" by James. Dave goes into why he's not wearing a wedding ring. Dave plays with his wedding dolls. He breaks them then spills beer all over the studio. Flutesy plays the theme from the original "Superman" and Gary guesses right.... More

Episode 210

TACS 210 - The One with the Submarine

TACS is back live from the compound and Ant gets right into Gavin McInnes’s drinking habits, the GOP debate, our fucked up country, the pros and cons of Trump, and grey areas. Anthony then breaks down the republican debate stage, Ben Carson’s “monologue,” period pride, hoaxes becoming reality, and gets... More

Episode 145

TACS 145 with Mike Recine

While we wait for the SpaceX rocket to blast off for the International Space Station live, Ant talks about his old school lunar module toy, says he’s already sick of presidential chatter, and we finally see SpaceX launch and watch it for a bit. Anthony then tells us the revelation... More

Episode 141

TACS 141 with Ralph Sutton and Payton Sin Claire

Human garbage Anthony starts Tuesday addressing Opie’s statements including the haters, being a bad friend, Opie’s wedding, the houses of friends he’s been to, his drinking, resentment, therapy, missing work, race talk, not “liking each other,” and moving on. With that out of the way, we find out that “Chinky... More

Episode 108

TACS 108 with guest Stuttering John

Today Stuttering John and Anthony sit at the poker table to talk about drinking, relationships, and their shared love of Columbo reruns and old timey TV shows. John tells us a few Jackie Martling stories, we find out his son gave him lice, the guys chat about their love of... More