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Episode 74

Safe Space 074

On today's Safe Space your pilot on this fantastic voyage. Taleeb Starkes, talks about the bakery that virtue signal fired two employees, and Philly becoming a sanctuary city. Josh Denny Skypes in to discuss his tweet that equated 'straight white male' is the new n-word. The NNFL with Mad... More

Episode 126

The AA Show 126

The boys start the day talking about the benefit show Artie did last night, Stuttering John, Randa Jarrar, dick pics, and Bob Phillips joins the guys to talk about Richard Gere, The Jerky Boys, and life before social media. They also discuss “gay” kids, the latest with Starbucks, the ADL,... More

Episode 96

In Hot Water 096

Geno begins today’s IHW ranting about asshole sports fans, Kevin Dombrowski joins Geno to talk about his upcoming marriage, Berg Skypes in from Atlantic City, they talk about online “outrage,” and Darlene Coleman stops by to talk about being beautiful af. Sara FINALLY calls, Kris Fried joins the show and... More

Episode 71

In Hot Water 071

Geno begins today’s IHW ranting on Columbus Day, Philéo Shacor joins the guys and they talk about Nelly the rapist and hot ass Chris Andersen, Philéo makes his exit (smart move), and the guys go on to talk about football. Nelly joins the show to chat about the rape allegations... More