Archived Shows
Episode 83

The AA Show 083

Anthony begins the day with Chad Zumock discussing Artie’s absence, his “Twitter beef” with O.J. Simpson’s lawyer Malcolm P. LaVergne, Malcolm calls in to explain a few things, and Aaron Berg joins the guys to chat about Yamaneika Saunders snapping off on Doug Stanhope and her shitty ass attitude and... More

Episode 82

The AA Show 082

On today’s #TheAAShow, Gilbert Gottfried joins Anthony to talk about Artie missing the show today, Gilbert’s documentary, the influence of TV and movie, going to the movies as kids, and Aziz Ansari and his “claw.” They go on to discuss the recent string of “sexual harassment,” Robert De Niro losing... More

Episode 31

In Hot Water 031

IHW is back and Geno is ranting about “facts” surrounding global warming, dead George Michael pops by to talk about being dead, brexiting his faggotry, Freedom ’90, AIDS and BlAIDS, detailing cock with his tongue, pneumonia, and sucking dick in Chipotle. Geno goes on to talk about UFC, ISIS Fagot... More

Episode 381

TACS 381 with Mike Brown, Brandon Collins, and Doug Stanhope

TACS begins with Mike Brown and Brandon Collins chatting is up with Anthony about Father’s Day and dads, they pick apart a sweet throwback family pic with Ant’s dad, pick apart Garrett’s artwork, and go on to yap about getting older, asshole animals, and the latest with the Orlando shooting.... More

Episode 150

TACS 150 with Kevin Pollak and Doug Stanhope

Anthony is joined by Kevin Pollak via Skype to chat about his movie “Misery Loves Comedy,” the cameos in the film, stand-up feeling like a drug, embracing the bomb, enjoying your friends bomb, getting a handle on your misery, and the ultimate message of his movie. Ant then talks about... More

Episode 82

TACS 082 with Jackie Martling and Stuttering John

On today’s show, Jackie Martling and “Stuttering John” Melendez sit at the poker table with Ant to share stories about working and leaving The Howard Stern Show, how they got their start in radio, John’s gig on The Tonight Show, their salaries changing over the years, their marriages ending, how... More

Episode 40

TACS 040 with Doug Stanhope

We start Monday with a recap of Ant’s L.A. trip that includes his appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast, bar hopping, and a lovely video KtC shot while there. Doug Stanhope calls in from the Midwest to talk about what a shithole his hotel was, road life, drinking life, being drunk... More