Archived Shows
Episode 619

TACS 619 with Alana Luv, and Russell Scott

Anthony begins the day bragging about his amazing seats last night at the Yankee game, the upcoming Chip Chipperson’s Podacast, feeling exhausted by all the Donald Trump news, the dumb fuck “communists” and “Nazi’s,” Trump disavowing hate groups not being enough, the media loving protests, and the insanity of Trump... More

Episode 184

TACS 184 - As Seen on SiriusXM

The President and CEO of TACS unveils the new show app and explains its features, Ant talks about his evening with Gavin McInnes, bitches about how much better Gavin’s set looks, we see a Stephen Colbert promo and a pic of him taking part in a Charleston march, and get... More

Episode 62

TACS 062

We hear about the snow issues in Buffalo, cover the latest on Bill Cosby, and watch a clip from The View as well as one from Don Lemon regarding the Cosby rape allegations. We find out that Janice Dickinson is jumping into the rape ring, go through some “would ya?”... More